Is your head spinning in email
best practices?
Give me 14:37 and I'll show you how to
nail your message, target your audience and
get the clicks and conversions that sell your SaaS app
Now you can figure out exactly how to craft your
subject lines, call-to-actions, onboarding / nurturing strategy,
and more...
Dear overworked startup founder,

      You wrote great content, ran ads, and optimized your landing pages.

You're working around the clock to generate as much traffic as possible.

But here's the thing - while your traffic numbers are sky-high - you still need customers to pay you.

Even if you have 6 months of savings stashed in your Silicon Valley Bank account...

Even if you're preparing for a round of VC funds...
If you're drowning in trials, but struggle with sales, 
here's an X-ray view on what's happening in your business
1. A prospect clicks through one of your well-written ads and thoughtful blog posts

2. They check out your highly optimized landing pages. They're intrigued...and opt into your trial period

3. And then...they receive your hastily-put-together welcome email asking for their hard-earned cash right off the bat. They skim for about 13 seconds, and then scroll down and click the Unsubscribe button.
After all, you worked your butt off to build an audience.

But if your emails don't get the same laser-focused attention you gave to your ads, blog posts, and landing pages, your startup can't do what it's meant to do: generate sales on autopilot. 
This is what should have happened...
1. They opened all the emails in your onboarding campaign, reminding them of how your app has helped improved dozens of lives (like theirs!)

2. They hit the "Upgrade Now" button to pick out their paid plan

3. They live happily ever with your app
Instead, what if you could...
Use email to stay one step ahead of your audience
In a recent blog post, conversion optimization specialist Talia Wolf asked top CRO experts the following questions...
"If you only had one day a month to focus on optimization, what would you do?"
I'd work on email if I could work on nothing else because the payoff can be so I'd have to choose between a nurturing / onboarding sequence and a sales sequence. 

Given where my software business is at today, nurturing new users is more important to me than trying to convert the ones that have activated. That's why I'd work on the nurturing emails in a single day... Actually, that's why I WILL. 

Joanna Wiebe
Co-Founder, AirStory
Except Joanna's been writing emails for over a decade. She has the skills to sit down and knock out an onboarding sequence in a day.

Yet. You're a startup founder too, but the difference is, you never wrote email campaigns before you started this company. 

Carving out a day to rewrite some emails...and getting it right - supposing you even knew what the heck right was...probably isn't going to happen. 

And when you do actually find time to work on your emails, you inevitably end up with the following tabs open in your browser...
  •  11 different formulas to writing a welcome email
  •  An article scolding you for not utilizing email to retain your customers
  •  A thread about whether you should use an emoji in your subject line 
And the cycle continues until you...
1. Finally crack the secret on high-converting emails through sheer frustration and perserverance


2. Hit the 6-figure user mark and realize less than 1% of users become paid customers, leaving you no choice but to hire out for custom work...and fork over thousands of dollars
Here's the dirty secret about those 
DIY marketing articles
All that stuff you were researching? It's surface stuff. IT tells you WHAT you need to write on a general level - not how to write it.

Because the HOW is harder to explain - and requires you to understand...
Exactly the type of user
you're writing to

How your product can improve their lives
Why it's in their interest to switch to your product
If you had all the time in the world to rewrite your emails,
how would you get started?
Giving up your day - or 5 - to rewrite your email sequence sounds like a pain-in-the-ass task.

Your time is limited...and probably best not spent reading articles with vague tips and irrelevant examples. 

In fact, you probably need to answer the following questions before you even think about rewriting an email...

  •  Where is most of my traffic coming from?
  •  How often do I send users an email?
  •  What's the right order of my onboarding / nurturing sequence?
  •  Who should send this email?
You don't need custom email work - at least not yet. You just need an outside opinion, an understanding of the key tweaks that fix everything, and some direction from an email expert.
Before you touch a finger to your keypad, 
you should have an expert who can...
  •  Look through your email sequence and pinpoint exactly what's working and what isn't
  •  Answer the burning questions you spent googling and reading about, only to feel more lost than found
  •  Show you quickly and simply how to fix what you've got so it starts clicking and converting
Sure, there are other software email experts out there.
But, I have an affordable system
that only takes 14 minutes and 37 seconds
Hey there, I'm Sophia Le 

I've been building email lists for high impact startups and organizations since 2012. 

So I know exactly what it takes to actually improve your emails so you can stop thinking and learning and start sending and earning. 

Because you know you need to do it. You just don't know how to do it in a way that hooks your audience and gets them to try, use, and buy your product. 

And honestly, your time is your most valuable commodity. That's why I created a framework, to help you fast. 

In fact, let me tell you a story...
How an 83-year-old therapy technique became the
foundation of my email work
When I first started consulting on email projects, I noticed something strange. 

My startup clients were fixated on the implementation details.

Translation: They were focused on segmenting their audience and who got what email after doing a certain action.

Yet they forget something crucial to the success of their campaign...
The user DOESN'T CARE about your email workflow
They just want to know whether your product can help improve their lives...and whether your email is worth opening or clicking the delete button. 
  •  It's why my framework requires opting into a live and active email campaign, rather than analyzing a Google Doc, sorting a spreadsheet, or clicking through your ESP.
  •  It's why you wait 7 days for the automation to run its course before I even start reviewing your emails. By using a video screen capture recording, I can show you exactly how your emails look in someone else's inbox and you'll see why that matters and how critically important that is. 
  •  And it's why I use an 83-year-old therapy technique to help you see the context of how your ideal customer perceives your subject lines and email content...and how it's cutting off your sales at the knees.
Reviewing emails with this framework is the only way I can give you the right advice on how to maximize your trial-to-paid conversion rate...and separate out who's serious about email and who isn't.
Here's how the email campaign review works...
and why it gets done in a mere 15 minutes
1. You answer 7 quick questions
2. I subscribe to your campaign immediately
3. After 7 days, I record my findings and link you to the video

After watching your review, you will want to dive into rewriting your email sequence.

But I urge you not to get ahead of yourself...
Because every email campaign review includes a live 30-minute video
coaching session, where you'll get to pick my brain on...
  •  How to personalize your emails beyond {{ CUSTOMER.FIRST_NAME }} and build trust instantly with new signups
  •  A 2-second method of A/B testing subject lines so that you can decide what email variation gets the most opens
  • How to start your email campaign off with a great first impression using a simple-to-remember acronym
  •  Why the principle of reciprocity matters when determining your call-to-action so you can optimize for clicks and conversions
  •  How to get your prospects begging for more - whether you're sending 5, 9, 11-part email campaigns
  •  The reason users can't differentiate your software from other products in the market...and how to entice them without trashing the competition
  •  A framework to quickly decide which features, testimonials, and integrations to use so you can quickly mind map your email campaign
  •  2 ways to exact valuable data from passive trial users so you can attract the right customers and refine your target audience
  •  The 3 easy steps I use to get prospects lunging for their credit card when their trial period is coming to an end.
All this for one easy credit card payment of $349. 

Compare that to $4183, which is what I charge for a 10-part onboarding email campaign.
""Now I know what concepts should stay 
and which to ditch"

"My client needed serious help fixing an underperforming email campaign. Sophia's 15-minute review + live coaching session helped me break down what concepts should stay and which to ditch.

Hands down worth the cost - we can easily recoup the investment with this new email series." 

Josh Brown
Smart SEO Designs
"For startup founders who need fresh eyes & actionable insights to 
improve their email strategy"
"I picked up the 15-minute email campaign review because our nurturing sequence wasn't resulting in clicks or conversions.

I won't lie...I cringed when Sophia went through everything we were missing.

But as it's said: no pain, no gain. Now we're ready to deploy a brand-new nurturing sequence, so the result was well worth the money and time.

Highly recommend this service to startup founders who need a fresh look at their email strategy and actionable insights to improve it." 

Eugene Mankov
Plus, a bonus report
The last thing you want is to get your email campaign reviewed, have your questions answered...and forget everything you learned.

You're a startup founder, which means it could be weeks before you or your colleagues find a random free day to work on your email campaign.

In addition to the 15-minute email review and the 30-minute coaching session, I'll also throw in a bonus report that covers...
  •  A list of quick wins so you can maximize your email ROI in 11 minutes
  •  A video recording and accompanying text of the live 30-minute coaching session
  •  The transcript of the 15-minute email campaign review, so you can easily skim what was said about each email
  •  A step-by-step strategy on how to turn your poor open and clickthrough rates into a crowd of paying customers
Just 1 annual customer will pay for an email campaign review that 
will bring limitless subscribers
I run into a lot of startup founders who don't see the value in working on their emails.

They're right - because it's not about the emails.

It's about building a relationship with your user and convincing them why your software product will transform their life.

6 months after your launch, will you look at your numbers and wonder why no one is converting? Or will you have a plan of attack when it comes to working on your conversions?

The choice is yours. 

I'm super picky about who I work with, so leave your email address below to see if you're the right fit for... 
  • A 15-minute video recording of me, reviewing the first 7 days of your email campaign 
  • A live 30-minute video coaching session, on your schedule
  •  Transcripts and recordings for both the review and the coaching session
  •  A bonus report so you don't forget everything we worked on
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